Everyone loves series. It is a constant adventure, lasting for many seasons, in the company of our most liked characters. We cannot tear ourselves away from the glass screen and we follow the fate of our beloved heroes with bated breath.

In Poland, the boom in series began at the beginning of the nineties. In the middle of this decade, many world-renowned productions came to our country on the Vistula River, of which at least a few are worthy of being called cult series. Perhaps that's why, that they made history and changed the face of television, and also introduced new formulas to the world behind the glass screen.


For a real hit, whose popularity is absolutely undeniable, can be considered an American series under the title: „Friends”. It started rolling in 1994 year. The heroes of this picture are five friends who live next to each other: three women (Rachel, Monica, Phoebe) and three men (Ross, Chandler, Joey). They experience many different adventures, and all this is embellished with a solid portion of good humor. Soon, famous figures from the world of cinema and sports joined the cast. The stars of the tenth muse, like for example. Julia Roberts i Bruce Willis, they played episodic roles alongside the newly rising stars of the glass screen. The series was so popular, that it reached a record number of ten seasons. The last episode of "Friends" was watched by fifty-one million Americans. Serial actors also enjoyed great fame. At prime-time viewing, they were each earning a million dollars per episode.

"Friends" have won 7 Emmy Awards, including for the best comedy series, and also the Golden Globe, two Film Actors Association awards and 56 other awards and 152 nominations.

Unfortunately, the fame of the series did not translate into the career of the stars playing in it. The only actress, która z powodzeniem grywa w produkcjach kinowych jest Jennifer Aniston, playing the role of Rachel in "Friends". Although it should be emphasized, that Aniston is more of a comedy actress and was never given the chance to play a serious dramatic role.