We can find such productions all over the world, whose audience is primarily female. Women live the fate of the main characters, and then… they are combing, they dress, and even talk like them!


At the beginning of the nineties, it was such a culture-forming one, the sociological role was played by "Dynasty”. The series from the forge of hits - the American NBC station - won the hearts of viewers between 1981 a 1989 a year. It is the most famous American soap opera, which Polish viewers saw only in the early nineties.

The heroes of the "Dynasty" are the Carringtons living in wealth and luxury. The head of the family is wise and generous Blake and he is accompanied by the beautiful and sensitive second wife Krystle. Many wicked people stand in the way of their happiness. Blake's offspring from his first marriage do not spare them either - daughter Fallon or son Steven. The most spicy character is the former wife of the tycoon, who returns years later to take his fortune, so Alexis - a demon woman, fatal and cruel.

The women brushed and dressed like Kristle and Alexis. The women's writings were full of psychotests, in which you had to ask yourself: "Am I more like Alexis or more like Kristle".