Ally McBeal


In the nineties, women's hearts were won by an extraordinary heroine of American legal production - Ally McBeal. The main role of the pugnacious, the young lawyer was played by Calista Flockhart - the star of one role, because apart from her performance in the series and a high-profile romance with Harrison Ford, the actress did not have too many stunning achievements.

Ally McBeal was a cult series. It was shot in the years 1997-2002. Five consecutive seasons and one hundred and twelve episodes were created. Each episode of the series tells about a different court case, which Ally and her friends at Cage do&Fish.; However, the series focused on the extraordinary inner life of the slightly insane heroine and her unfinished love for Billy, ex-boyfriend, who now worked with her in one office. Only that, that now Billy was married and very happy in his new relationship.