Foster family


Another beloved series of all Poles was the series "Family foster" with the late Gabriela Kownacka and Piotr Fronczewski. Poles watched the fate of the Kwiatkowski family for almost eleven years. The "foster family" does 329 episodes and seventeen series. A nice family consisting of a mother, dad and two children are also adopted by a boy and two girls of exotic origin. The family is also supported by a Great Dane named Śliniak. There are also backstage characters in the series, played by outstanding actors and artists - Maryla Rodowicz plays the role of aunt Ula, and Joanna Trzepiecińska and Tomasz Dedek play the role of the neighbors - Kossoń.

Little heroes grew up with the show. Misheel Jargalsajkhan has changed her career plans, Aleksander Ihnatowicz also left the series. The viewership gradually decreased, that's why TV Polsat decided to finish work on this series.