Although they are still played and new episodes are still being made, have already obtained the status of "cult". They changed the viewer's perception of the series. They changed the habits of many generations of Poles. Young actors "grew up" in front of the audience and "went out into the world". Roles changed, generations, and yet the screenwriters have not exhausted ideas on how to interest the viewer and keep him with you.


Another beloved series of Poles is "Klan”. Tutaj bohaterem zbiorowym także jest rodzina. Klan Lubiczów has been aired on Polish TV for almost fourteen years. Its issue began in 1997 year. The number of episodes has already exceeded 2100 and fifteen more series have been shot so far. The series has been honored with Telekamera twice in 1999 i 2000. Poles cite the Lubicz slogans and willingly comment on their adventures. The Warsaw family lives in the wealthy district of Sadyba. The series tells about one day in the lives of the heroes each time.