The phenomenon of the series "Moda na succes"

When it comes to the greatest series hits, it is impossible not to mention the most popular one, even cult, world soap opera. And whatever, that the dialogues of the series "Fashion for success”Are at the level of the deep waters…

An example conversation of the heroes:

Morgan: Chcę mieć dziecko!
Taylor: Jak chcesz to zrobić?

The series was parodied many times, criticized and ridiculed, yet it still enjoys unflagging popularity.

"Fashion for Success" had its debut in March 1987 year. Poles began to come into contact with it seven years after its premiere. The series was broadcast in over one hundred and sixty countries around the world. "Moda ..." breaks popularity records in Italy and France. Due to the length of the broadcast, the series also noted another incredible success - it was entered in the Guinness Book of Records. This is actually worth paying attention to, because the currently broadcast episodes have long exceeded the magic number of five and a half thousand.

The series is about the rich Forrester family, których życiowym powołaniem jest projektowanie mody. Dochowali się oni czwórki dorodnych pociech i właściwie życie ich upłynęłoby w sposób banalnie zwykły, if not for love affairs, love and family secrets. The series is a typical soap opera, so he is distinguished by almost wooden acting - how much "freshness" can be in the form played for twenty-three years in a row? Another disadvantage of "Mod ..." is a very slow action. The malicious even claim, that if an actor starts falling from the roof, he will keep falling for the next three episodes.

Viewers, however, love "The Bold and Beautiful" - because that is the title of the American original - and are not discouraged by criticism from experts and defenders of morality.


As for the discussion of morality, the topic of almost incestuous relationships is usually brought up here, which the characters of the series contain together. One of the characters, beautiful brooke, she had so many romances, that no one can grasp them anymore.

Here is an example of the serial beauty's complicated love relationships:

The seductive Brooke romanced, among others. in. representatives of three successive generations of the Forrester family, as well as with their son-in-law and beloved daughters (Deacon, Nick and Oliver). She entered into several loveless marriages (np. with Whip Jones or Grant Chambers), mainly to hide some embarrassing truth, out of revenge, in order to make you jealous or for a complicated plan to get some other loved one back. She was also no stranger to abandoning her loved ones on their wedding day and hiding troubled pregnancies.

As you can see, serial brook is a woman addicted to love i… trouble. The turbulent emotional life and family tragedies did not affect her attractiveness at all, thanks to which - despite the passage of years - she seduces subsequent generations of men… and viewers.


Death is also a common theme in "Fashion for Success". This is the natural order of things. Older actors are replaced by younger generations. Within 23 years, seven actors of this series have died. The scriptwriters put twenty-five characters in the grave.