In the maze


Another "milestone" in the history of Polish series is the famous social tapeworm, meaning "In the maze”. It has been broadcast since 1988 year for three consecutive years, and the originator of the series was Paweł Karpiński. The time shown in the series is an important period of political changes. That is why the series shows employees of the Pharmacodynamics Laboratory of the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology. The starting point is the arrival of Ewa Glinicka - a young girl, who goes to work there after the death of her fiancé.

Serial, although shot from the march, in natural interiors or outdoors, aroused many emotions.

There was no shortage of drama in the adventures of the Institute's employees, family problems, love affairs and health problems. Every week, several million viewers sat in front of TV screens. They admired the acting performances of Marek Kondrat, Piotr Skarga, Wiesław Drzewicz, Leon Niemczyna, Charles Strasburger, Eugene HERMAN, Barbara Horawianka, Gustaw Lutkiewicz, Dariusz Kordek or Jowita Miodlinkowska.

The series has a record number of episodes at that time, because as many as one hundred and twenty. Is said to be, that he initiated the Polish fashion for series such as "soap opera".