Jan Heart


First of them, which Polish viewers remember exactly, is a series about the common man's search for affection, Polish man, or "Jan Heart". The hero is a simple worker, working in the capital, dealing with sewers in the Wola district. Jego marzeniem jest mądra i kochająca żona. Poszukiwaniom miłosnym młodego kanalarza towarzyszy nastrojowa muzyka autorstwa Seweryna Krajewskiego. Jan Heart would like to find love all the more, to be able to move away from lonely, widowed mother. Janek's heart problems are a true chronicle of amorous events. She has a relationship with a wide variety of women, young, children, complicated. The hero even allows himself to fall in love with his friend's wife. Fortunately, he finally manages to find love, and that of course at the moment, when she least expects it.

The series was shot in 1981 Radosław Piwowarski. Many stars of Polish acting appeared in it: Jan Himilsbach, Christina Feldman, Marian Kociniak, Wieslaw Michnikowski, and Kazimierz Kaczor in the title role. The series has only ten episodes, but because of a sensitive emotional idealist, what Janek is - he was remembered for a long time… and in the hearts of the audience.