Jan Kochanowski Songs The heart grows…

Jan Kochanowski Songs The heart grows…

It is a reflection song, in which feelings, the thoughts of the lyrical subject are contained in the description of the world and reflection on it, they are not directly confessed.

The description is provided in the first three stanzas of the poem devoted to the order of the changes of the seasons, biological rhythm. Winter is coming to an end, the ice is melting, it's getting warmer. In keeping with the eternal order of things, spring comes, and with her a new life, energy. Willingness to live, joy is also shared by people.

And in their case, after a period of grief, comes the time of hope, joy.

The second part of the poem has philosophical ambitions, it is about human life, his values, passing away. In four stanzas covering this fragment of the work, Jan Kochanowski convinces, that moral norms are indispensable for human happiness, having a whole conscience (clean). Someone tormented by remorse will not find peace, happiness, he will not be able to come to terms with his fate, which is a condition of internal order.

Presenting such beliefs, Kochanowski refers to the ancient stoic philosophy, proclaiming the necessity to surrender to fate, self-control (also in the face of misfortunes). Virtue alone would suffice for happiness, also strict morals. This concept, at the end of the piece, Kochanowski completed with an epicurean thought: man should strive for pleasure – will give him wisdom, conscious reflection, morality. The work also praises nature, almost directly transferred from Horace's poetry (an example would be the description of spring).

Each line of the song in question has ten syllables (decosyllabic), is distinguished by accurate female rhymes. It is a syllabic poem.