Four tankmen and a dog


The first series of this kind is "Czterej pancerni i pies", based on the book by Jerzy Przymanowski under the same title. The author of the book also co-wrote the script. A series about four crew members of the "Rudy 102" tank and the fifth one, informal, in the form of the dog Sharika enjoyed great, unflagging popularity, even though only twenty-one episodes were filmed.

The series was broadcast in the years 1966 – 1970 and if any deserves to be called "legendary" it is this one. Even "Tank Clubs" were established for the youth fascinated with heroes. Icons of Polish acting have created their great roles there: Janusz Gajos, Franciszek Pieczka, Roman Wilhelmi and Wiesław Gołas.

The series treated the subject of war with a slight distance. There were serious scenes and topics in it, but there was no shortage of humor, funny scenes and texts. Tired of martyrdom, the audience welcomed such a change with great euphoria.