Enola Holmes (film)

Enola Holmes (film)

Enola Holmes is American, mystery movie 2020 based on the first book in the series of the same name by Nancy Springer. Film, which focuses on the teenage sister of the now famous Sherlock Holmes, is directed by Harry Bradbeer, and written by Jack Thorne. The title character of the film is Millie Bobby Brown, which also acts as a producer. Henry Cavill, Sam Claflin, Adeel Akhtar, Fiona Shaw, Frances de la Tour, Louis Partridge, Susie Wokoma and Helena Bonham Carter star in supporting roles.

Enola Holmes has been released 23 Sept. 2020 of the year by Netflix. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, who praised Brown's performance.

Enola Holmes is the youngest sibling in the famous Holmes family. She is free, a strong and borderline young woman. She is extremely intelligent, perceptive and insightful, and at the same time it does not follow the social norms of that time. Her mother, Eudoria, she taught her everything, from chess to jujitsu. Her mother also made her read every book at Ferndell Hall, their home, and was a huge fan of word games.

On her sixteenth birthday, Enola wakes up, to find my mother, which has disappeared, leaving only a few birthday gifts. Enola meets her brothers, Mycrofta i Sherlocka, but at first they don't recognize her, they hadn't seen her in many years. Sherlock considers her an intelligent girl, while Mycroft finds it bothersome; as her legal guardian, Mycroft is going to send her back to private school for girls preparing for life in the big world – run by the strict Miss Harrison.

Enola finds clues and money left by her mother and runs away disguised as a boy. On the train, he finds a young Viscount Tewkesbury hidden in a travel bag. Thoughts, that he is a fool, but warns him, that the man in the brown bowler hat (named Linthorn) is on the train looking for it. To escape, Enola and Tewkesbury jump off the train together and flee to London, where they part. Dressed up as a real Victorian lady, she continues to follow her mother and leaves cryptic messages in her personal newspaper advertisements, which Eudoria must find. When Enola is looking for, Linthorn tries to kill her. Decides, that instead of continuing to search for his mother, he must find Tewkesbury again, to save him, because he cannot defend himself. Mycroft has hired Inspector Lestrade from Scotland Yard to track down Enola. He warns Tewkesbury and helps him escape, but gets caught by Lestrade, and Mycroft imprisons her at Miss Harrison's Graduation School. Sherlock visits her and admits, that she is impressed with her detective work. Tewkesbury sneaks into the school hidden in a wicker basket and they escape together, stealing Miss Harrison's car. They reach a fork in the road and instead of going back to London, Enola decides, that they must go to the Tewkesbury house and face his uncle, which one, as she guessed, tried to kill him. The house is seemingly abandoned, and Linthorn tries to shoot them, but they manage to overcome it. Tewkesbury's grandmother has turned out to be a real villain; ordered his father killed and attempted to kill Tewkesbury, not wanting to, to take his father's place in the House of Lords and vote for the Reform Act, what he does. Sherlock arrives at Scotland Yard, and Lestrade asks him two questions: first, how he managed to solve the case, a po drugie, as his sister untied it first.

Enola decrypts the message, which she finds in the newspaper, but it does, that it wasn't sent by her mother, but by Sherlock. At the meeting point, Sherlock and Mycroft finally give up, while Enola, disguised as a newsboy, is watching. When he returns to his apartment, someone is waiting there – this is her mother. They include, and Eudoria explains, why she had to leave and why she had to leave again, but he says, that is impressed with this, who Enola became. Enola has found her freedom and her purpose – he is a detective and seeker of lost souls.


Millie Bobby Brown jako Enola Holmes, the youngest siblings in the famous Holmes family. She is extremely intelligent, perceptive and insightful, contradicts the social norms for women of this era. Her mother Eudoria taught her everything, from chess, po jujitsu, and is read very well. Although he doesn't get along with his eldest brother Mycroft, she quickly develops a close bond with her other brother, Sherlockiem.

Henry Cavill jako Sherlock Holmes, the second eldest of the Holmes siblings. Private detective, he is extremely intelligent, possesses amazing observation skills and a passion for solving mysteries.

Sam Claflin jako Mycroft Holmes, the oldest of the Holmes siblings and legal guardian of Enola. He is a bit cold to Enola and he is determined, to finish her education and become a true lady of Victorian society.

Helena Bonham Carter as Eudoria Holmes, the matriarch of the Holmes family. Eudoria, eccentric, free-thinking and unconventional, Raises Enola, to follow her own path, and not the one designated for her by others, and to redefine, what it means to be a woman in society.

Louis Partridge jako Tewkesbury;
Burn Gorman jako Linthorn;
Adeel Akhtar jako Lestrade;
Susie Wokoma jako Edith;
Hattie Morahan jako Lady Tewkesbury;
David Bamber jako Sir Whimbrel;
Fiona Shaw as Miss Harrison;
Frances de la Tour jako The Dowager, Tewkesbury's grandmother.

In February 2019 At the Legendary Pictures festival, a film adaptation of the Nancy Springer series of books, The Enola Holmes Mysteries, was made, in which Millie Bobby Brown produced and starred in the title role, and Harry Bradbeer directed. Brown read the books with her older sister Paige and immediately wanted to play the role of Enola, but she wasn't old enough yet, to play the sixteen-year-old hero. She later told her father, that they should make a film out of it and she collaborated with Legendary Pictures, with whom she previously worked on the film Godzilla. She spoke to the writer Jack Thorne, how he wants to break the fourth wall.

Henry Cavill joined the cast in June, Helena Bonham Carter, Adeel Akhtar i Fiona Shaw, along with Sam Claflin, Louisem Partridge’em, Susie Wokoma and Burn Gorman in July, when shooting began in London. Filming also took place at Luton Hoo in Bedfordshire.

Conan Doyle's estate has filed a lawsuit against Netflix in connection with the film, arguing, that it infringes copyright, portraying Sherlock Holmes as an emotional person; aspect of character, which, as they claim, it does not fall under the public domain, because it has only been described as having emotions in stories published in the years 1923-1927, and the copyright for the stories published during this period still belongs to the estate.

From July 2019 On the year, Daniel Pemberton was hired to compose the music for the film.

In April 2020 R. Netflix has acquired the rights to distribute the movie, unlike the Warner Bros. theater premiere. Photos were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The movie has been released 23 Sept. 2020 R.


In September 2020 of the year, producer and star Millie Bobby Brown and director Harry Bradbeer confirmed their intention to create a sequel