Is it worth watching the movie Wit

Is it worth watching the movie Wit. Wit.

One of the best dramas in the world is Wit (Wit). Jest to historia niezwykle poruszająca i szczera, which will break the heart of even the most hardened viewer. Initially, it was a theatrical performance and the entire film is also kept in this convention. The viewer is alone with the actress practically throughout the entire duration of the film, and only from time to time someone comes from the outside – doctor, teacher etc.. It only adds drama to the whole situation and makes it happen, that we are even more sorry for the suffering of the main character.

It is a teacher, which deals with medieval literature. Her life has always gone without any revelations. She has never experienced anything amazing. Until she suddenly becomes sick: tumor. The woman, of course, decides to fight him and does not quite get to her, that he is dying slowly. Doctors propose a completely new therapy, which can help, but it doesn't have to. The heroine agrees to her. There are drastic scenes in the film, related to the agony of a human suffering from cancer.

The scene is most touching, when the patient's former teacher and supervisor comes to the hospital. He begins reading her childhood fairy tale. The film shows how fragile human life is and how quickly it can end. It is definitely worth recommending, but it is worth preparing a supply of wipes.