What is the film The Lektor about

What is the film The Lektor about. Lecturer.

There are many such movies, which can move and will be remembered by us for a long time. Lektor is definitely one of those films. The cast also shows how good this movie is. Kate Winslet stars in the film, who everyone remembers from her phenomenal role in Titanic. What the movie is about? It begins in the post-World War II era. The action takes place in Berlin. Currently, the world is looking for former Nazis, Gestapo, who persecuted Poles, Jews and other nationalities.

A young boy meets an elderly woman by chance on the street. He quickly falls in love with her. There are many love scenes in the movie. There would be nothing strange about that, if not for this, that the boy must somehow “pay” woman for having intercourse with her. And the payment is made by reading books – he just reads her various great works, and she, curious, listens. A woman gets a promotion one day and disappears without a trace. The boy grows up and begins law studies.

One day there is a case against women in the courtroom, commanding officer at the Auschwitz camp. One of them is the boy's ex-partner. The women pass the document to the judge, that she was in charge of everything. The judge asks for a handwriting sample, but the woman disagrees and admits her guilt. The boy guesses, that he can't write. This drama is worth seeing!