FIT LOVERS – Mateusz Janusz and Pamela Stefanowicz


first name and last name: Mateusz Janusz and Pamela Stefanowicz
Pamela Stefanowicz has 28 years and comes from Kołobrzeg.
Mateusz Janusz has 27 years and comes from Lębork
town: Tri-City

First, they started blogging, later they became active on Facebook. Over time, they founded a YouTube channel, where they promoted a healthy lifestyle and fitness training.

Mateusz Janusz and Pamela Stefanowicz, that is, the title of Fit Lovers, this is probably the most fit couple on Polish YouTube. For some, they can also be a symbol of the image, because they are both interested in fashion, which can be seen in each of their creations. Their activity on the Internet, however, is mainly related to a healthy lifestyle, fitnessem, travels and positive energy, they infect their viewers. The Wariato, because that's what their fans call them, they published a book together, and they also run a YouTube channel, which features mainly lifestyle vlogs from all over the world. Interestingly, the decision to open a YouTube channel was not easy, because Fit Loversi had to quit their job and put everything on one card. It paid off for them, because they have achieved tremendous success, as evidenced by, among others. appearance in the TV show America Express. Apart from all that, the couple also runs a fashionable clothing store and offers training plans.

Pamela, shy and shy girl – it's a dance, which she trained, turned her into confident, a wonderful woman with a strong character.
Pamela is a graduate of AWFiS in Gdańsk and Food Services and Dietetics at the Maritime University. She is a titled competitor of the IFBB Fitness Bikini Federation, personal trainer and Fitness and Modern Forms Gymnastics Instructor. She has practiced dancing in the past.

Matthew, a boy from the small town of Lębork with big dreams. His adventure began with kung-fu training, but because he was still not enough, he started swimming, then came the parkour and the free run. Na AWF, where he studied, he met Pamela, a girl from Kołobrzeg.
Mateusz also graduated from AWFiS in Gdańsk. He is a personal trainer, an instructor of sports gymnastics and a titled competitor of the IFBB Men's Fitness Federation (took, among others. 1. place in the Annual Competition in Sports Gymnastics). “In my trainings, I pay attention to the functionality of the exercises, in my opinion, that the perfect figure is not gigantic biceps, and nicely carved, strong and functional body, which, apart from the appearance, in combination with proper nutrition, gives us a better quality of life” – he says.

Fitness trainers got engaged in 2018 year during a trip to Las Vegas. They showed everything in their vlog, posted on YouTube.

Now it is sure to get loud about them, and this is due to participation in the program “America Express”. Together with seven other pairs, Fit Lovers will fight for the win.