What is the difference between puree and tomato paste?

What is the difference between puree and tomato paste?

When shopping, we often stand in front of the shelf with tomato preserves.

We wonder what to choose. Concentrate here, here puree, and next to it, canned tomatoes and ketchup. As far as deciphering what canned tomatoes and ketchup are is quite easy, not everyone can say what the difference between the concentrate and puree is.

The answer to this question is not complicated.

Both products are the result of rubbing cooked tomatoes.

The result is a medium-thick tomato sauce. Such a product is called a puree. While, to get the concentrate, the mass should be subjected to additional technological processes. The grated tomatoes are still cooked, until most of the water has evaporated. Thus, a dense is formed, tomato sauce - concentrate.

Tomato paste is much thicker than puree. It also has a more intense flavor and higher caloric density. It is well suited for spreading on bread, thick sauces. However, the puree is much rarer, better suited to soups, or light salad dressings. It also has a more delicate flavor.