What are light products

What are light products

What are light products?

Television, press, billboards - advertisements of light products attack us from everywhere. Many of us don't know, what is really meant by this concept. We think, that light food is healthy and can have a positive effect on our figure. Is it really so?

Products marked with the light symbol undergo special technological processes, which are designed to remove fatty components from food. This is what it is supposed to do, that the food signed with this slogan, has a lower caloric density.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Fat is the flavor carrier. Therefore, foods completely devoid of this ingredient become very unpalatable. In this case, it is necessary to replace the free space formed by the removal of fat, another ingredient. Most often it is sugar. As a result of such processes, food is not much less caloric, instead, it provides huge amounts of sugar, which additionally stresses our pancreas. To improve the taste, various chemicals are also added, e.g.. monosodium glutamate, which may cause, among others. allergy.

The conclusion is very simple. Light products are not always better than ordinary ones. So let's compare the labels and choose this product, which consists of fewer ingredients.