The first really "strong" crime series with rare and shy humor scenes, and when it comes to black, he brilliantly talked about the criminal achievements of the criminal world in the first years of regained independence. We are talking about gaining masses of viewers "Extradition”Directed by Wojciech Wójcik. Mark Kondrat, in the role of the invincible Halski policeman, tracks down drug dealers, and thus traces the business of the Russian mafia in Poland. Many enemies plot against his actions. The boss of the Russian mafia and his governor - Zaitsev, businessman and corrupt UOP officer, gangsters and undercover agents. It's quite a lot of company, but Halski gives him good advice for three consecutive seasons: in years 1995, 1997 and 2002. In total, "only" was created 25 episodes of adventures of Commissioner Halski, but even so, "Extradition" was remembered by viewers for a long time, because it changed the formula of police series in our country. There was no hesitation in showing the drastic scenes in the script, tarnished with taboos and holiness. Halski himself is a policeman with controversial methods of operation.