Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie owner. Angelina Jolie Voight actress
ur. 4 June 1975 Los Angeles, state of California, USA.
Angelina Jolie, corona Jon Voight (“Night cowboy”) and actresses and models Marcheline Bertrand, She is now considered one of the most interesting performers in American cinema. Despite her young age, she already has three Golden Globes and an Oscar. W 2000 R. warehouse “People” put her name in the middle 50 the most beautiful people in the world. So does the big brother, actor and director James Haven, she did not use her father's name.

She belonged to very rebellious children. She didn't want to go to school, she got involved with a group of punks. Parents decided to interest her in acting. When she had 11 for years they enrolled her in courses at the famous Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles. However, she made her debut in front of the camera a few years earlier, next to his father, in a little-known film by Hal Ashby – “Looking to Get Out” (1982).
At the age of 16 years she decided to become independent and started working as a model. She's been in several music videos, Meat Loafa, Lemonheads, Lenny Kravitz and the Rolling Stones. She also appeared in James' student etudes. Eventually, she decided to study at the Film Department of New York University. After returning to Los Angeles, she joined the Met Theater Group, where she played, among others. alongside Ed Harris and Holly Hunter.

On the screen, she began to constantly appear in 1993 R. First, there was a supporting role for a female cyborg in a not-so-successful science fiction film “Cyborg II: Glass Shadows” Michael Schroeder. Two years later, in “Hakerach” Iaina Softleya got her first lead role. The film was received quite coolly, however, Jolie herself has received favorable reviews. On the set, she met and became involved with the English actor Jonny Lee Miller (“Trainspotting”, “Plunkett i Macleane”). The tabloid press wrote passionately about their wedding ceremony – entire articles were devoted to the actress's outfit: black leather pants and a blouse, on which she wrote her partner's name with her own blood. Despite the sacrifice, the relationship did not last long: the separation was announced after several months, and the divorce case was finalized in 2000 R.

Regardless of the ups and downs in private life, Jolie's career was gaining momentum. The actress performed a lot and in a very diverse repertoire. Gradually, she gained better and better ratings from critics and viewers. After sensational “Without Evidence” (1995), where she played the role of a drug addict, starred in two comedies: next to Michael Biehn in “Mojave Moon” (1996) Kevin Dowling and v “Love Is All There Is” (1996) Josepha Bologni and Renee Taylor, where she fell in love with the son of the owners of a competing restaurant. She was also present in the adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' novel – “Foxfire” (too 1996), where she played the mysterious outsider Margret Legs Sadovsky, named by the magazine “Variety” – “the female counterpart of James Dean”. W 1997 R. was accompanied by, among others. David Duchovny in drama “Playing God” Andy Wilson.
In the same year, however, a role in the TV film by John Frankenheimer turned out to be more important – “George Wallace”. The role of Cornelia Wallace earned Jolie her first Golden Globe statuette and an Emmy nomination. More awards, including the Screen Actors Guild statuette, Golden Satellite Award, Golden Globe and a second Emmy nomination, they sprinkled for her role as a model addicted to drugs and dying of AIDS – Gii Carangi in a picture produced by HBO TV “Family” (1998). At the end of the years 90. the actress began to play increasingly important roles in more and more important productions. On the set “Material fatigue” (1999) Mike Newell met Billy Bob Thornton, whom she married after divorcing Miller, 5 house 2000 R. W “Bone collectors” Phillipa Noycea portrayed a young policewoman, who, with the help of Denzel Washington, is investigating a serial killer.
This time, she was nominated for the Blockbuster video rental award. The role of Lisa Rowe in “Interrupted music lesson” (too 1999) James Mangold based on the novel by Susanna Kaysen.
She overshadowed her partner from the set with her performance – Winonę Ryder. The performance of the emotionally disturbed girl earned her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and a Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award and Blockbuster Award. After completing work on a sensational film “60 seconds” (2000) produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, where she partnered with Nicholas Cage, found herself as Lara Croft on a blockbuster movie “Tomb Raider” (2001), based on the famous computer game. Among her latest films are “Orginal Sin” (2001) and “Life or Something Like It” (2002). W 2000 R. Angelina received the Actress of the Year award at the Hollywood Film Festival. Her second great passion, apart from acting, are tattoos.


  • Age:28 Years
  • Increase:170 cm
  • Libra:55,5 Kg
  • Dimensions:90-65-90
  • Zodiac sign:Gemini
  • Date of birth:4 June 1975 The Angels
  • Father:Jon Voight
  • Mother:Marcheline Bertrand
  • Brat:James Haven
  • Godmother:jaqueline bisset


    • Favorite saying:”Why sodomize dragonfiles?”
    • Scars:a scar on the arm and below the jaw
    • A pet:he likes lizards and snakes very much, she had a lizard named Vladimir and she called Harry Dean Stanton
    • Favorite color:black
    • Hobby:collects knives and daggers, learns to play on drums, painting, she is fascinated by the dark side of life, her passion is tattoos
    • Car:off-road Ford pickup.”I'm a bad driver. I'm not afraid of death, so there is no medicine in me. The only thing I'm afraid of is hurting others.”
    • He is afraid:that she would be buried alive and, that the person who dresses dogs in clothes will become
    • her favorite movie in which her father starred is ANACONDA
    • she is left-handed
    • She smoked Parliment lights
    • During her childhood she was actively involved in sports
    • She considers herself a very honest and straightforward person
    • When she was younger, she was obsessed with Dr.. Spock from the show “Star-Trek”
    • Her personal favorite trait is the way, the way her veins form on her arm
    • She's wearing the Herrera perfume. “I've been using them forever. I like them, because they are not spicy or sweet. They are just nice”
    • He likes Italian wine
    • Thinks, not to rashly judge others
    • Maddox's adopted son

Breaking news

    • Angelina Jolie znowu chce adoptować Angelina Jolie chce adoptować kolejne dziecko. The Hollywood actress probably wants to look after some Russian orphan. Jolie, who adopted the Ethiopian girl Zahara this month, she had already adopted a Cambodian boy, Maddox.
      Now – if you believe the reports of the journal “The Sun” – the actress is getting ready to look after another orphan.
      I know, that Angelina was looking for a child in Russia, so I wouldn't be surprised if she took care of another baby – reveals Dr. Ron Federici, who advised the actress on earlier adoptions. – I want the best for these kids.
      You don't have to be rich, to adopt from Africa, and you can save someone's life. Angelina Jolie is expecting twins, according to the British daily The Sun.. A source close to the actress gives: Angelina is happy. Having a child for Brad is her biggest dream come true. Now, when Angie believes, that there will be two of them, is in seventh heaven. Well, It appears, That 2006 will be especially successful for Brad Pitt. Just think about it: become a father four times in one year. And it is with one of the most beautiful women in the world! Let us remind you: since yesterday, Brad is also the dad of Angelina's two adopted children. Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of some super race. The little Jolie-Pitt invasion? We are also interested, when parents find time to raise such a bunch. After all, they are both movie stars at the peak of their careers. At the moment, however, with Brad on such a streak, it would be inappropriate to doubt him. We are waiting, what will be the result by the end of the year. See you: Brad Pitt kontra reszta świata 4:0
    • .Angelina gave birth to a daughter! When?:28 house 2006 16:59 MESSAGE: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have a baby girl! The girl was born 27 May at night, in a hospital in Namibia, where the entire Jolie-Pitt family is. The name Shiloh Nouvel means “New Messiah”. The girl is the couple's first biological child. Angelina also has two adopted children, which she is raising with Brad. Let us remind you – super for, who met better on the set of the film Mr.. and Mrs. Smith, she hid with her relationship for a long time, mainly due to the fact, that at the beginning of their relationship, Brad Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston. But when news spread around the world at the beginning of January this year, that Angelina was pregnant with Brad, no one had any doubts, that this relationship is not just a temporary romance. From then on, the couple tried to avoid the American paparazzi, first staying in France for several months, then go to Namibia in April, where Angelina finally gave birth. In Namibia, they both received special protection, not only by specialized bodyguards, but also by the government itself, who announced, that any foreign journalist, who wants to report on the birth of the first daughter of the most famous Hollywood couple, must have a written permit from them to enter and work there. Angelina and Brad have always argued, that they want a lot of children. Even last year, Angelina declared, that it does not rule out another adoption, and the possible cause of Brad's breakup with Jennifer was precisely her reluctance to bear him a child. As a friend of the actor Mary Louise Parker said: I guess, that Brad will be a great father to his child. He is a lovely guy, polite and mature. I am happy for both of them.
    • Angelina Jolie i Brad Pitt they appeared in public for the first time since their baby was born. During the press conference, which took place in the city of Swakopmund, in Namibia, the couple thanked the residents of this country for the hospitality they showed during Angelina's pregnancy and childbirth. Brad Pitt said: We had the opportunity to spend a very special one here, have a good time with our family, getting to know your country. Thank you for the help you gave us in the birth of our daughter Shiloh. We are eternally grateful to you for this. Angelina and Brad also denied rumors about the allegedly impending wedding, adding, that for now they want to focus on raising their newborn daughter and Angelina's two adopted children. She herself said: Nothing's going to happen right now. The most important thing at the moment is the children, and of course we are totally devoted to children as parents. That should explain us. The wedding is irrelevant now.


  • 2005: Good Shepherd, The jako Rachael Bird Wilson
  • 2005: Pan i pani Smith (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) as Jane Smith
  • 2004: A&E; Biography: Val Kilmer very much herself
  • 2004: Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow (Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) as Captain Francesca Franky Cook
  • 2004: Aleksander (Alexander) as Olimpia
  • 2004: Rybki z ferajny (Shark Tale) as Lola (voice)
  • 2004: Fever, The as Red
  • 2004: Unscripted jako ona sama (hospitably)
  • 2004: Złodziej życia (Taking Lives) I'm Illeana Scott
  • 2003: Trading Women jako Narrator
  • 2003: Bez granic (Beyond Borders) as Sarah Jordan
  • 2003: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The cradle of life (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) as Lara Croft
  • 2002: Co za życie (Life or something like it) as Lanie Kerigan
  • 2002: Secrets of Superstar Fitness jako ona sama
  • 2001: Lara Croft: Lethal and Loaded jako ona sama
  • 2001: Grzeszna miłość (Original Without) as Julia Russell
  • 2001: Tomb Raider (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) as Lara Croft
  • 2000: 60 seconds (Gone in 60 Seconds) jako Sara Sway Wayland
  • 1999: Chicks, Man as Barmaid (not mentioned in the lead)
  • 1999: Zmęczenie materiału (Pushing Tin) as Mary Bell
  • 1999: Kolekcjoner kości (Bone Collector, The) as Amelia Donaghy
  • 1999: Przerwana lekcja muzyki (Girl, Interrupted) as Lisa Rowe
  • 1999: Making of Girl, Interrupted, The very she herself / Lisa Rowe
  • 1998: Gra w serca (Playing by Heart) very much Joan
  • 1998: Gia jako Gia Marie Carangi
  • 1998: Hells Kitchen jako Gloria McNeary
  • 1997: George Wallace jako Cornelia Wallace
  • 1997: Prawdziwe kobiety (True Women) as Georgia Virginia Lawshe Woods
  • 1997: Udając Boga (Playing God) like Claire
  • 1996: Love Is All There Is jako Gina Malacici
  • 1996: Initiation (Foxfire) jako Margaret Legs Sadovsky
  • 1996: Mojave Moon jako Eleanor Elie Rigby
  • 1995: Bez dowodów (Without Evidence) division Jodie Swearingen
  • 1995: Hackers (Hackers) as Kate Libby / Acid Burn
  • 1994: Bat Out of Hell II: Picture Show as Runaway Girl
  • 1993: God's army (Cyborg 2) split by Casella Cash Reese
  • 1993: Alice & Viril as Alice
  • 1993: Angela & Viril as Angela
  • 1982: Lookin to Get Out jako Tosh
  • 1978: 20/20 like herself (hospitably)