When is the best time to clean windows – when the sun is shining, or rather on a cloudy day?

When is the best time to clean windows – when the sun is shining, or rather on a cloudy day?

Do window cleaning najodpowiedniejszy jest pochmurny dzień, because the harsh sun makes you, że powierzchnia szyb wysycha zbyt szybko i powstają zamazania. Jeżeli planujemy umyć ramy okienne, it is best to do this before cleaning the windows. Dust off them, and if that's not enough – wet wash them and wipe dry. Plastic window frames should be washed with a preparation intended for cleaning plastic surfaces, and then polish it, to prevent unsightly streaks.

Generously moisten the cloth or sponge with water and detergent and start washing, starting from the top. Some people only wash the windows with clean water, and then wipe them dry with a chamois leather. The method of cleaning depends on the degree of soiling of the windows and on that, how often do we clean them. After wiping the windows with only water or water with liquid, you need to collect excess moisture with a puller or wipe the windows dry with a clean, with a non-marking cloth.

To get the effect of really clean and shiny windows, you can polish them with crushed newspaper.

Good advice:

  • prevent the windows from fogging up, after washing, wipe them with a cloth with a small amount of glycerin
  • if we are going to refresh only not too dirty windows, we can wipe them first with a damp newspaper, then dry. Newspaper printing ink will add extra shine to the glass
  • never clean windows with a dry cloth only, as dirt on the glass can cause scratches
  • we do not use soap to clean windows – it leaves traces difficult to clean
  • to remove fresh paint, wipe the glass surface with a cloth dipped in a suitable solvent. Turpentine is suitable for oil paints, a for water-soluble – water
  • carefully scrape old paint stains with a razor blade or scraper, so as not to scratch the surface of the glass
  • Wipe the putty marks with ammonia solution. They can also be treated with cold tea – amoniak trzeba stosować bardzo ostrożnie, because it is a strong poison!

Definitely cloudy – washing windows on a sunny day makes it, that we create streaks and water stains, which we don't like so much