How to care for delicate carpets and rugs?

How to care for delicate carpets and rugs?

Does their cleaning require special treatments??

In a dirty carpet, pen crystals and other small debris penetrate deeper and slowly rub the fibers. Therefore, by dusting it, we not only care about keeping the house clean, but we also extend the life of the carpet. The mechanical sweeper removes crumbs and dirt only from the surface of the carpet, the vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, pulls out the deeper dirt. If we want to thoroughly clean carpet we have several options to choose from: removing the stains themselves, washing with the use of dedicated detergents and wet cleaning with a special vacuum cleaner.

Delicate sidewalks i carpets require special treatments:

  • by vacuuming them, we reduce the suction power and do not press the suction nozzles or brushes too tightly to the carpet surface
  • if our vacuum cleaner does not have adjustable suction power, we can cover a part of the outlet of the flexible pipe with a wide adhesive tape or open the air inlet window to the maximum
  • vacuum with a slow movement in the direction of the carpet or rug hair – not against the grain
  • rather, we try not to wet clean
  • valuable carpets should not be placed on the floor of the rooms, which we often use, and certainly not in passages where they would be exposed to dirt and faster contamination
  • We collect more serious stains from the carpet with paper towels or a cloth – so much, how much can, and then we wrap the rug in foil or a plastic bag, so that the stain does not dry out and become permanent. Now you should take the carpet to a specialist laundry as soon as possible
  • if we want to store valuable carpets or rugs, we roll them up, we do not fold. So that the carpet does not get damaged, we roll it with the bristles outside
  • before we roll up the carpets, let's cover them with acid-free paper, and then put in a container made of acid-free materials
  • it is worth to attach wheels or stick them with felt under the furniture legs, to avoid permanent dents

The three golden rules for protecting carpets smiley

  • We vacuum carpets at least once a week, and if we walk on them a lot – more often.
  • Remove any stains and spilled liquids immediately, not waiting, until they dry.
  • Every year or every two years we wet clean the carpets.

Jeżeli carpet was splashed with something immediately let's pour a little on the contaminated place carbonated mineral water. The gas bubbles contained in the water will cause, that dirt instead of soaking deep, goes up a little. Now let's quickly put a paper towel, which will absorb the liquid. This way, we will prevent a stain from forming.

According to popular opinion red wine stain sprinkled with plenty of salt will disappear, because the wine will soak up the salt. However, carpet cleaning specialists do not recommend this method. Treat red wine stains better with white wine and denatured alcohol.