How to get rid of grease stains?

How to get rid of grease stains?

We often have a problem with greasy stains. On T-shirts, tablecloths, napkins. A bit of broth, or oil that spattered from a hot pan.

First step, which we must immediately do is to treat the stain. It is best to use ordinary dishwashing liquid for this purpose, which has the best abilities to fight stubborn fat. We can pour such a tablecloth or T-shirt with washing liquid and leave it in a washing bowl for several hours. Then the fabrics should be washed in the washing machine as usual. You can also use potato flour in the same way. We sprinkle the stain, we leave it for several minutes, and then scrub with a brush.

However, if that doesn't help, we will have to reach for stain removers. We use them on the same principle as washing up liquid. We soak the fabric in a specific way. We do this for several hours, and even all night.

Alcohols and solvents also have the ability to remove old grease stains. However, let's remember about it, that apart from the unwanted stain, they can also damage the color of the material, so let's use them carefully, if other methods fail.

It happens sometimes, that such processes have to be carried out several times, to get rid of a stubborn stain.