What is the dance of the fountains in Versailles

What is the dance of the fountains in Versailles.

The dance of the fountains is the largest event organized every year in Versailles gardens. This tradition is associated with Louis XIV, who during his reign organized wonderful light and sound shows. One of the main attractions of this event is the fireworks display. Hundreds of fountains with crystal water, to the accompaniment of music they create an amazing spectacle.

However, setting up such a spectacle takes a lot of time and requires complicated works in the sewage system, founded in the seventeenth century. There are approx 1400 fountains, zaś sam ogród został zaprojektowany przez André Le Nôtre. There is an exemplary order there - geometric shapes of nature, perfectly trimmed lawns alternate with numerous paths. The palace was enlarged due to the great size of greenery.

interesting fact is, that tourists who want to visit the garden of Versailles in its entirety have to allocate several days for it. Nowadays, the palace is also a museum of French history. Można w nim zobaczyć Kaplicę Królewską – jedna z największych atrakcji turystycznych Francji. Kolejną budowlą jest Opera open in 1770 roku – upamiętnia ona ślub Ludwika XVI z Marią Antoniną. interesting fact is, that the subjects had to scrape at the king's door with their little finger on the left hand. It is said that the courtiers planted longer nails for this purpose.

W 1979 Versailles was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition, the city delights with its beauty at every step.