Music of the years 90

Music of the years 90

Patch 90 it's time for pop and disco music. The most famous boy bands and girls in the history of music also enjoyed triumphs. To this day, this music enjoys great popularity, especially in people, who remember their youthful years with sentiment.

Hits of the years 90

What are the most popular songs from that period? First of all, they were hits from the Dance trend. The song Macarena by the duo Los de Rio made an international career. It happened thanks to a very characteristic dance, which in the video are presented by attractive dancers. Taniec zresztą i dziś jest nieodłączną częścią każdej imprezy. Charakterystycznym układem tanecznym świat podbiła też piosenka „Bailado” artystki o pseudonimie Loona.

"Rhytm of the night" by Corona was also an ideal song for the parties, Samba da Jeneiro ”Bellini, „It’s my life” Dr. albania,

It's also time for bands like A-teens, BackStreetBoys, N-Sync, Spice Girls. Each, who grew up in years 90 knows songs like "Get down", Wannabe”, czy I want you back

Patch 90 it's also a great time for a DJ. It was during this period that ATB made its debut, Daft Punk, or Eiffel 65.