Georgia for Eurovision in Moscow with a song about Putin

Georgia for Eurovision in Moscow with a song about Putin.

“We don't want Putin” – yes you can understand the title of the song “We do not wanna put in”, which Georgia sends to the May Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow. On Wednesday evening, TV viewers and the jury in Georgia decided to send this song to the competition. A disco-style song is performed by a band “Stephen&3G” – Stefane's soloist and three girls' choirs. Singer, who is also the co-author of the song, admits, that the title is a play on words, with an allusion to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Producer Kacha Ciskaridze adds: “I think, that everyone will understand, what we want to say”. Georgian state television denies it, that it is about a political message. – To (Just) funny disco song. We don't want a scandal – provided by Natia Uznadze from the Program 1. Eurovision Song Contest prohibits lyrics, speeches and gestures of a political nature. After the Russo-Georgian war over South Ossetia in August last year, Georgia refused to participate in Eurovision in Moscow. It withdrew from the boycott in January – as handed over, due to repeated invitations from the organizers of the competition.