How to go on missions

How to go on missions. Are missions for everyone?

If anyone thinks, that he would go on a mission for pleasure or to explore the world, better let it go right away. Missions are not for everyone, but they are for these people, who want to help, are empathetic, sympathize with others and are able to take care of others. You can go on missions in various ways. You can leave, to preach some religion – most often Christianity, but you can also go out as a lay missionary and help build a school, teaching children in schools, language teaching, digging wells and so on. That's what they need people for. Many people also go on missions, to work as a doctor, nurse, engineer etc..

There are several organizations in Poland, which enable missionary volunteering. Usually, you only have to pay for airline tickets and for vaccines. The rest is paid. Of course, a given organization allows you to collect at least some of this money, which are needed. One of such organizations is Salesian Missionary Volunteering, which operates in Krakow. A year of preparation and weekly meetings is enough, to go on missions. You also have to be active in the country, i.e. Poland, if there are any activities related to helping etc.. It is good to know at least one foreign language fluently. French is also useful in Africa, and in South America it is even desirable to know Spanish or Portuguese.