How to clean silver

How to clean silver

Silver is quite a delicate metal, but very decorative for its extraordinary brilliance and plasticity. Jewelry is made of silver, mirrors, a niekiedy nawet zastawę stołową. Wykonane ze srebra przedmioty są bardzo eleganckie. Therefore, you need to properly care for silver, so that it does not lose its properties.

How to clean silver?

First of all, you should forget about any invasive methods. Silver cutlery and other similar items do not handle detergents very well. Just like glass, silver will tarnish on influence, np.: washing-up liquid. It is also not allowed to wash the silver in the dishwasher

There are special silver cleaning fluids available on the market. Usually, however, these are quite expensive specifics. Much cheaper, and home remedies are just as effective. Our grandmothers already cleaned silver with… toothpaste. The paste is applied with a soft brush, be flannel. Then you should not be afraid of scratches on the cleaned surface.

Aluminum is also great for cleaning silver. A few years ago, the world was conquered by a tile sold in the teleshopping system. The ads provided, that it is almost cosmic technology available at a cosmic price. Tymczasem była to zwykła płytka aluminiowa. Jeżeli zatem chcemy oczyścić nasze srebra, we should soak them in water with cutlery, be aluminum cans. After that, you only need to wipe the silver with a dry cloth and you're done.