Witold Gombrowicz - Kronos - it's worth it?

Witold Gombrowicz - Kronos - it's worth it?

Jako zagorzały fan dzienników Gombrowicza oczywiście musiałem nabyć „Kronosa”, as soon as it came out (I even managed to pick out a copy the day before the official premiere).

I must say right away, that it is not a book for everyone. Despite the very good editing and even excellent processing of the footnotes, a person who is not with the "Diaries" for your brother will be incredibly tired.

First 140 pages, that is, de facto everything that happens to 1953 year, when it is said that Gombrowicz began to keep these notes, they are just passwords, surnames, numbers. It gives the impression of being made solely for your own use - something you want to remember, perhaps he is writing with the thought of creating a work, based on such notes. It is extremely tiring and inaccessible for the reader.

From 1953 year, the situation is getting better. Next 250 pages is more interesting, less laconic and quite fun at times.

Witold Gombrowicz - Kronos - Private life

Kronos is about private life. There are four things in the center: health, finances, sex and fame. Most years even end with a summary of these four points. Let us take one at least 1963 year:

"A STRANGE YEAR – Kto by pomyślał, navigation, tragic trip, Paris tiring, differences., and then the heart, disease, Bar's…

HEALTH – I had to be bad with my heart all the time, dalsze posuwanie się w starość. Lit Prawie skończyłem Kosmos, Diary, Trans-Atlantic, big leap , in search. I WAS. limiting.

Finances – 12 850 dls., including Świeczewskich and shares on 1000 dls.

DESIGNED WATER APPROACH – (but what about the tax?).”Witold Gombrowicz

In addition, through "Kronos" we will get to know an extremely rich pantheon of figures from Polish emigration - painters forgotten in the country, pianists, sculptors and poets. For me, writer, but completely unfixed in the "literary environment" is almost shocking, how broad alliances Gombrowicz made, to ensure that your works are published and reviewed (note to himself: exit the cave!).

Witold Gombrowicz - Kronos - The Dark Side

Reading "Kronos", we have an impression, that life is just a struggle - with your own aging body, with incomprehensible critics, with money, which is never enough. While reading "Diaries", we are delighted with the mental volatility of Gombrowicz, his steadfastness in the face of criticism and hardship, the joy of intellectual deliberation, distance to yourself, thus reading his last work, we will feel, that life is a vanity. In addition, it is tiring and sometimes quite unpleasant.

Kronos is the other side of the coin. This is the backbone of great success. He's an ugly brother, beautiful sister. If you haven't read "Diaries", do not come to "Kronos" even with a stick. If you've read - it will be an interesting supplement for you.

Witold Gombrowicz - Kronos - Members

If not for this, że czytałem „Dzienniki” w zeszłym roku i raptem dwa lata temu spędziłem sporo czasu w Buenos Aires (also, all argentinian stories took on an additional flavor), I would give up reading right away. As, that I was traveling after all, with a lot of changes - I read the whole thing almost in a cliché 24 hours, falling at the end like an original marathon runner.

All right, that "Kronos" was found and released. Let us remember Gombrowicz: his novels, art and his "Diaries" - probably the best thing ever written in prose in Polish. I also encourage you to visit the bookstore for "Diaries", and the "Kronos" can be bought next time.