Is Poland a tolerant country

Is Poland a tolerant country. Tolerant Poland?

Hard to say, whether Poland is a tolerant country or not. For sure one thing is obvious and noticeable – Poland is opening up more and more to otherness. Unfortunately, we recently faced a terrible situation. Well, two girls, teenagers, they committed suicide. Everything shows that, that there was more to them than friendship – were bullied by their peers. Such a tragedy could only happen in Poland, where unfortunately, especially in small towns, any otherness is treated as a disease. The Catholic Church has a lot to do with it, which instead of supporting and helping, he wants to destroy it at all costs.

And that affects people's minds, parents of children, who later in school behave exactly the same – they can't control themselves and stop negative comments. That's what tolerance is all about, even if we don't agree with something, with a specific view, then we don't have to manifest hatred towards this view. Poland is a free country, but unfortunately it is not a country free from prejudices. Fortunately, this is already changing and taboos are being talked about more and more often. Let's hope so, that such tragedies will no longer occur and everyone will be able to live in peace, not hiding with your skin, religion or orientation.