Abbeville, dep. Sum (Picardy)

Abbeville, dep. Sum (Picardy). The old part of the city was destroyed in 1940. The late Gothic collegiate church of St-Vulfran has been preserved (three-nave basilica with a transept, XV—XVI w., completed in the 17th century) with a two-tower façade with rich sculptural decoration in the flamboyant style. Other monuments: belfry (XIII w.), church of St-Sépulcre (XV w.), ruins of the Church of St-Gilles (XV w.). The Rococo Bagatelle palace is nearby (18th century, valuable interior decorations), situated in beautiful, stylish garden. Musée d'Abbeville et du Ponthieu (collections of paintings and sculptures); Boucher-de-Perthes Museum (main. archaeological collections.).