Aix en Provence

Aix en Provence, dep. Bouches-du-Rhone (Provence), a historic city with traditions that go back to antiquity (remnants of rome. walls and aqueduct). The most valuable buildings are: Romanesque-Gothic cathedral of St-Sauveur (XII—XV c.) with rich interior fittings (m. in. The altar of the burning bush N.. Froment z 1476, richly carved wooden door with 1504, stables, Dutch tapestry team. z XVI w.), with an octagonal baptistery (V, XVI w.) and a Romanesque cloister (XII c., carved capitals); the gothic church of St-Jean-de-Malte (XIII w.); Church of Ste-Marie-Madeleine (17th-18th century, inside, the central part of the Annunciation triptych - the work of an anonymous master from the 15th century); baroque town hall (1658) and the former bishop's palace (1648, now Musée des Tapisseries with a collection of Beauvais fabrics from the 18th century.); large complex of city palaces from the 17th and 18th centuries; numerous fountains. Granet Museum (rich collection of paintings, sculpture and ancient art); Old Aix Museum; Dobler Museum (w Pavilion of Vendôme z XVII w., collection of furniture); atelier P. Cezanne'a.