Where to hide in a storm

Where to hide in a storm

The safest place to hide in a storm?

When it starts to rain, and we are far from home or other buildings, of course, we usually try to hide under a tree. Everything is fine, if our opponent is only the water dripping on us from above. Worse, when there is also a storm involved. If there is lightning in the sky, and the roar of thunder sounds all around us, We definitely have to run as far as possible from tall objects such as trees. Lightning strikes the highest grounded objects.

If you find yourself in an open space, you are the tallest object in the area, look for a ditch or other recess in which you can hide. Check it out, czy nie ma w nim wody, because it is an excellent conductor of electricity. Crouch, keep your legs together.

The best shelter from lightning is buildings or a car. However, let's remember about it, to close the windows.

Rubber-soled shoes won't help us, if we get hit by lightning, however, they are a good insulator if the discharge takes place near us.

If our hair stands on end and it feels like goose bumps, it means it, that we're about to be hit by lightning. In such a situation, let's lie flat on the ground as soon as possible.