Lotto is a popular number game organized by a sports totalizator. Income from betting and gaming, lotto tickets are also used to finance Polish sportsmen.

Game rules

The lottery rules are very simple. A lotto coupon must be purchased at a lotto lottery office 49 delete the numbers 6. If in the next draw all the numbers deleted by us are scored, we collect the entire pool intended for the first degree win. Usually they range from several hundred thousand to even several million zlotys. The record holder has won so far 23 millions of zlotys! Win, but much lower can also be picked up, when we delete 3,4 be 5 from the drawn numbers. The purchased coupon is valid for one draw only

When the lotto draw?

Lotto draw takes place three times a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The draws are broadcast live at 21.40 in TVP Info. Draws, also live, można także obejrzeć na stronie

If we missed the draw, we can watch an archival recording on the lotto website. There are also tables with results. Not only the results of the last draw are available, but also the archival ones.