Top Model

Top Model

Top Model is an entertainment reality show. During the program, a group of young women is fighting to win, thanks to which they can win not only the title of top model, but also a contract with a modeling agency. The original program was created in the USA. its creator, and host is international model Tyra Banks. It is currently broadcast in the USA 20 sezon tego reality show

Top Model TVN

Top Model appeared on TVN for the first time in 2010 of the year and was a hit of the autumn scheduling. The host is the international model Joanna Krupa. In the first jury, apart from Krupa, there were also designer Dawid Woliński, photographer Marcin Tyszka and journalist Karolina Korwin Piotrowska. In the third season, Piotrowska was replaced by the director of Fashion shows, Katarzyna Piotrowska.


Place Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
1. Paulina Papierska Olga Kaczynska Zuzanna Kolodziejczyk
2. Aleksandra Kuligowska Anna Balon Marcela Leszczak
3. Anna Piszczalka Michalina Manios Klaudia Strzyzewska


Modeling career

Many of the program participants, not only the winners, has fashion shows in its portfolio, and photo sessions - including cover sessions. But it's too early to speak, that thanks to the program you can make a big one, an international career. It is because models usually build their position on the fashion market for many years.


The program is controversial due to the treatment of program participants. Sometimes they are ridiculed, be ridiculed. Some also believe, that the program is sexist. W 2012 In 2010, the National Media Ethics Council received a complaint about TVN and the Top Model program. Its author complained, that participants are being harassed on the screen. Została jednak rozpatrzona negatywnie.