Why do we bless eggs at Easter

Why do we bless eggs at Easter?

Although food blessing is the most popular Easter tradition today, it was not always so widespread. In Silesia, this custom was adopted only in the years 70 and 80s of the twentieth century. Earlier, just like in Kashubia, food was blessed only by richer farmers.

Easter basket, outside of Poland, it is also known in several other regions, including v: in Bavaria, Styria, Carinthia and Tirol. Święconka includes this, what the next day - on Easter Sunday - will be on the festive table during breakfast. So, święconka is included: bread, sausage, horseradish, pepper, salt, candy, the Easter lamb, a piece of cake, but mostly eggs. They all have a symbolic meaning, however, eggs are the most important part of a good Easter basket.

Colored eggs, beautifully decorated Easter eggs are the most important food to be blessed, which is necessary to complete the basket. This food is a symbol of the new, reviving life. Thus, it is closely related to the Christian tradition of commemorating the resurrection and return to life of Jesus Christ during Easter.. Dedicating an Easter egg brings her God's blessing, and thus health and long life for the whole family. That is why at Easter breakfast we share a blessed egg with guests, who visit the house, we offer the most beautiful Easter eggs so that they too will be blessed with health, and prosperity in the coming year.