What is a case for a reporter

What is a case for a reporter. A case for a reporter.

The case for a reporter is a very popular program in Poland. Despite, that it is a simple program, uncomplicated, completely absorbs viewers. The program host is Elżbieta Jaworowicz. It is a person, who studied Polish at the University of Warsaw and speaks alone, that in her childhood she always dreamed of it, to escape to the big city. Elżbieta is a reporter. People write letters to her asking for help in various matters. Jaworowicz always chooses the most interesting and difficult matters and travels all over Poland, to help people. First he presents the case, then he shows a short report from the scene, and then the studio discussion begins.

Guests are invited to the studio, specialists in various fields: doctors, lawyers, journalists, actors, singers, representatives of various companies, priests and many more. The case for the reporter exposes all of this, what might seem, It does not exist in Poland anymore – poverty, illiteracy, alcoholism, drug addiction, homicides, mafia matters, mysterious death, disappearances and others. Here we can find out about these people, which we do not see every day. The program can sometimes move you to tears and make you reflect, that our usual, everyday problems have nothing to do with these, people go through, hitting the program of Elżbieta Jaworowicz. The program can be watched every Thursday, after an hour 21 on TVP1.