What is an Affiliate Link

What is an Affiliate Link. Związek partnerski.

These two words have been heard a lot these days. But what is a partnership relationship and is it capable of endangering the family in any way? A civil union is a union of two people of the same sex, thus it is a homosexual relationship between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The possibility of such a union already exists in many countries. Why do homosexuals demand it also in Poland? It is very easy. It is enough to give an example with a hospital. When one of the partners is in the hospital, the other is not even possible, to contact him, because no information is given to him (it doesn't even know, is the other person alive!). It is really terrible and the state should agree to it.

It will be much worse with the adoption of children by homosexual couples. Why? It is very risky. Children are given away in a long process of adoption to heterosexual people, and this also happens sometimes, that they are being hurt by their new parents. How will it be with the LGBT community? They are certainly more sensitive people, which perhaps could give more time and love to the child. The child will indeed not follow the accepted role models of heterosexual parents, but that doesn't mean, that such a child will be homosexual in the future. These are just exaggerations of the opposing people.