I do not hide, that high school exams are crap for me. I'm glad, that's behind me. 100 times I prefer to write a high school diploma. No, But what to do. The system is ruthless and you must write this. You know, that the exam will not completely reflect the extent of your knowledge. How many times is this, that person, who's on two will write much better than this, which drives you through 3 years and has only fives. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens. One could say – such a lottery. Unfortunately, no one has come up with any alternative to such tests. And rather no one will come up with it…

Some are talking, that junior high school is a piece of cake. That they were sitting by 3 he flies with his finger in his ear and passes on 90 %. Congratulations then, but it's not that easy for everyone.

For 79 Days, 18 April, these brilliant and adored by young people exams will begin. At the beginning, the humanistic part, later mathematically – nature, and on the third day a language test for sweetness.

I have a few tips for you on how to prepare for all of this. I checked everything on myself and I know what mistakes it is better not to make.

Kilka zasad og贸lnych :

  1. Nie stresuj si臋 za bardzo. I know, it's incredibly difficult. I remember, that I was very tense, but it didn't do any good overall. Don't worry if you get grunted at school, that exams are the most important thing in life, that you won't get anywhere to school, etc.. Don't listen to this. Better chill out as much as possible. At least the rule works for me, that when I take tests / exams calmly, I am really doing much better.
  2. Don't play around repeating all three years in detail. Let us understand each other well. I do not recommend going into any details, because in two and a half months you won't learn everything. Ten, who has studied since the first grade is in a much better situation. It's best to learn from the repertories. In bookstores / supermarkets etc.. there are tons of pre-made assignments, the so-called. small boards with individual items. Believe me, that you will learn the most from the repertories. All knowledge is written in a clear and legible way. What is most important – there's no unnecessary crap there, which only unnecessarily occupy your place in your head.
  3. Now the council is as old as the world. Don't leave your studies one week before the exam. Learn smaller batches of material every day.
  4. Take the exam sheets from previous years for yourselves. Become familiar with the tasks, and maybe there will be some similar task on the real test, that you solved before. Solving worksheets is a brilliant way to revise!

Rady do poszczeg贸lnych przedmiot贸w :

  • POLISH LANGUAGE –> Polish is mainly reading comprehension. Focus heavily on the texts, and you will certainly write well. Be sure to recall the phrases necessary to write an essay / characteristics / letter, etc.. Be careful of any spelling mistakes. After writing the essay, read it again and correct any mistakes. And so I will add quite on my own, that it's better to write shorter sentences. You often want to show off and create such long sentences, and it ends there, that it becomes confusing, and that it does more harm than good. remember! Sometimes simpler is better.
  • HISTORIA I WOS –> I recommend a repetition for learning. You need to know the dates in general and ,,put” the sequence of historical events in mind. Check also photos / pictures from the most important events (you will find them in your handbook). Beware of these treacherous TRUE / FALSE questions. Np. You have two sentences. Suppose, that two are true, and you give the answer to the first sentence truth, and the second one is false, you will get zero points for this task, even though you answered right in the first bullet. As for the hair. I suppose, that there should be no difficult tasks on it. They especially ask about the so-called. ,,things from life”.
  • MATEMATYKA –> The key is not to panic. I recommend that you simply do math problems. You will never learn this subject without practice. And on the exam, if you don't know a task, go on. The worst thing is to spend 10 minutes on one task, which is worth 1 point and don't get to the open ones.
  • ENGLISH –> Be sure to repeat all the times. As for working out, I recommend that you learn some ready-made speech patterns. Then, during the exam, you will only substitute information for the template you know, which you are to include in your statement and ready. A! Beware of these treacherous listening sessions. It is often like this, that e.g. you have answers A) dog B) cat C) fish , and in the recording they will tell about all these animals and you will have to listen well and think about what animal it was about.
  • PRZYRODA –> When I had exams, the tasks from the place were mainly logic. Having some grounds there, it was possible to deduce what was the correct answer. I especially recommend making sheets from previous years, because the tasks are often similar.

And so at the end I wanted to tell you, so that you do not check your answers to exams on the Internet. How I have checked so generously after the first day. It worked out for me, that I've given wrong answers everywhere, because from all this stress I forgot what answers I gave. Of course, I fell into black despair and went to my next exam, already quite panicked. Sum Sumarum turned out, that I wrote Polish on 97%. So it's really better not to check these answers.

Head up and forward. I wish all high school students good luck in their exams. Don't be stressed! 馃檪 If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. 馃槈