Karolina's film – the difficult art of being young

Karolina's film – the difficult art of being young

The first twenty years of life are not easy, NO? Man thrashes around like a silly moth and looks for his place in the world. He eats with himself, he struggles with teachers. Sam doesn't know, Is it better to sit in a hut and study for a test, or go to some house parties. He wanders from one group to the next, because he does not know if he is closer to school fame or emo friends. Still those unfortunate first loves… If life dilemmas were not enough, God and these nuggets of style get tangled up on all of this ,,why believe? why He accepts this human suffering at all?”. The hardest part is this, that some adults think ,,what trouble you piss you have? You don't go to work, you have no family to support, bla, bla”. And here the film by Dariusz Regucki, entitled. ,,Karolina”.

You could say, that it is history in history, but I'll explain that in a moment. The main characters of the film are two lovebirds – Kaśka and Magda, who graduate from film high school. They are given the task of making an etude. They dream about some very interesting topic concerning today's problems, which would be widely echoed in the world. Suddenly, the girls' teacher throws the slogan, that they will make a film about Karolina, that is, a simple village girl, who at first glance did not do much in her life. It turns out, that the heroine of the short film is to be blessed Karolina Kózkówna, which, defending against rape, she was murdered by a Russian soldier. All this tragedy happened during the First World War.

Well, what about Kaśka and Magda?? They're so pissed off. They dreamed of a project about contemporary problems, and then suddenly they have to delve into the history of some rural 16-year-old girl, who let herself be murdered. And here comes the problem. Girls don't know how to go about it all. Kaśka is trying to understand, which guided the young Karolina. I've been thinking a bit about it myself. imagine, there is war. You live in the countryside, you teach, you are praying, you help parents. On the other hand, at any time someone can drag you out of the house and rape you somewhere in the ditch… And such someone suddenly appears. He gets you out of the house, and you get killed. And it's all out of love for God. It is all hard to comprehend. How did this 16-year-old find so much courage??

But back to the movie. Przemek's thread is also woven into it – seminarian with serious doubts. And it just so happens, that Kaśka and Magda are going to Zabawa, where they visit the sanctuary of Bl. Carolina. It is their guide … Przemek. Now my favorite part of the video begins, showing how difficult choices future priests have to make. I do not reveal anything else here 🙂

Now it's time for my feelings.

I enjoyed showing the teenagers' dilemmas. It seems, that this is our banal life, on the other hand, there are so many dilemmas somewhere in our head. Finally someone proved, that young people also think about God, and not just about partying in clubs.

This is interesting to me, that the figure of Bl. Karolina became a beacon for the main characters. It works out, that the story of a girl who lived over a hundred years ago can be perfectly woven into today's reality. Until I felt like it myself, to go to Zabawa one day and visit her Sanctuary (if I manage to fulfill this plan, I will definitely write about it on the blog).

Finally, I will add one more, that I especially recommend this movie to people, who are struggling somewhere and cannot discern their calling or are simply looking for some value, for which they will wake up every morning with a smile on their face.