Here is a little test. But no cheating!!! It will only take a minute, and effect




Your task: count all “F” in the text below:




Ready? Read below, but only after counting!


What result? Three?

error, there are six of them in total – This is not a joke!

read again!

Find solutions below…


The brain doesn't notice “OF”. (Because and for what?)


Geniuses can see all six.

Three is the norm, four is rare.


Please follow the instructions below:

CAUTION: don't scroll down the screen too fast. Take it slowly and do it

commands in thought, as soon as you can. If it helps you, you can

speak softly out loud. Don't move on to the next command until you have complied with it

the previous one and try your best, so that during the experiment nobody will keep you

distracted, because you will lose the fun. Scroll the screen boldly, best

with the cursor key, command spacing is large enough.

well let's go: execute one command at a time, as fast as you can!


How much is:

How much is:




Now quickly think a number

between 5 a 12

You have????

Keep scrolling it…

You chose / ash 7, truth?

Isn't that weird?

Free will or neural cabling?

Answer to yourself.


Follow the instructions one at a time, as fast as you can.

And just like before: act as fast as you can,

but don't scroll any further, until you follow the given command.

How much is:






Now repeat the number in your mind 6 as soon as possible through some 15 seconds (IMPORTANT !)

Then keep scrolling…

Now quickly think about some kind of vegetable

And keep scrolling.

Even further…

And what, it was a CARROT, truth?

if not, then you belong to those 2% people in the world, whose minds are

Plastic enough, that they can come up with something original.

98% of our population are thinking about carrots in this exercise. Horrible, NO?


Einstein invented them. According to him 98% people are incapable of it

solve.:-) If you can do it then, then you can be included in the group

Gilgamesh, Hektor, intellectual heroes of our century.


The content of the task:


5 people are inhabiting 5 houses in 5 different colors. Everyone is smoking

cigarettes 5 different brands and they drink 5 various drinks; they breed animals 5

different species.


You know, That:


The Norwegian lives in the first house

The Englishman lives in the red house

The green house is on the left side of the white house

Dane drinks tea

A Rathmans smoker lives next to a cat breeder

The inhabitant of the yellow house smokes Dunhill

The German smokes Marllboro

The inhabitant of the middle house is drinking milk

The Rathmans smoker has a neighbor, who drinks water

The Pall Mall smoker breeds birds

The Swede breeds dogs

The Norwegian lives next to the blue house

The horse breeder lives next to the yellow house

The smoker Philip Morris is drinking beer

Coffee is being drunk in the green house

Question: who breeds fish?


So let's do it !!


On the next page you will find the answers,but try to invent them yourself first!



1.One person named her children as follows: Sebastian, Lucy, Michael, Because, Monika. What name should she give the next child, if we know, that it will be a son: Marek, Bartek, Czarek or maybe Piotrek.


2.Which word does not match the others: owl, deer, falcon, in which, bucket, much, Map, electric wire ?


3.Make it happen, so that the given equality becomes true. You can only add 1 dash. The equal sign must not be crossed out: 5+5+5=550.


4.What numbers complete the series : 1 3 7 13 19 23 __ __ ?


5.Two friends want to cross the swift and deep river. They only have one boat, only one person can support. However, they both managed to get across. How they did it ???


1.cup. Look at the first letters of the names of the following months of the year.

2.much – all other words are two-syllable.

3.5+5+5= 550 convert to 545 + 5 = 550.

4.29 i 33. The sequence is formed by writing every second prime number starting at 1.

5.Friends came to the river from opposite sides.



Multiply the number of your brothers by 2

Add to the result 3 and multiply by 5

Add the number of your sisters to the result and multiply all by 10

Now add the number of your living grandparents to that and subtract from that 150

If you were given a 2-digit number, then write zero in front of it, if you were given a 1-digit number, then write two zeros in front of her.

From the result obtained, the first number is the number of your brothers, the second is the number of sisters, and the third corresponds to the number of living grandparents.



1. Think about some amount of money.

2. Your mom lent you the same.

3. I give you PLN 6.

4. You spent half of the total in the store.

5. You paid your mom a debt and …

6. You have PLN 3 left.



2. Jaka liczba powinna znajdować się w miejscu znaku zapytania ?


2. Complete the series below with the missing number.

a) 3 , 4 , 6 , 8 , 12 , 14 , 18 , 20 , 24 , 30 , ?
b) 122 , 170 , 226 , 290 , 362 , ?

3. Complete the last number with missing numbers (you swap question marks):

27643 , 73927 , 57613 , 43847 , 1?1?3

4. What number is related to the following set of numbers ?

7 , 29 , 30 , 31 , 366

A – 1901
B – 1902
C – 1903
D – 1904
E – 1905


0 – 40% point. insufficient
41 – 50% point. permitting
51 – 70% point. sufficient
71 – 90% point. Good
91-100% point. very good
100-110% point. excellent