Dzisiaj będzie unusual bowiem w moje ręce trafił pierwszy tom, nowej kolekcji komiksu Thorgal, published by Hachette.


I will not hide, I'm some special comic fan. My contact with this form of entertainment ended in my childhood, when I used superhero comics occasionally. Nevertheless, as a result of quite a lot of interest, jakim cieszyła się poprzednia komiksowa kolekcja Hatchet, I decided to reach for the first volume of Thorgal and decide if it is worth playing with.

The first essential thing, which is conspicuous, there is a quantity of additives, which was added to the base comic. We will find here: poster with the main character, short descriptions of characters and a reproduction of Grzegorz Rosiński's graphics in A5 format, which is supposed to appear in every issue. The graphics are really beautiful and carefully made. Additionally, in each issue of the comic we will find eight pages devoted to the Mysteries of Thorgal's World. W tym numerze możemy poznać historię powstania serii opowiadającej przygody Star child, streszczenie The Betrayed Sorceress i inne ciekawe materiały.


The performance and graphic design of the comic are at a high level. Unfortunately, the readers' voices appeared on the web, who came across faulty releases. Many of the numbers from the first series fell apart right after opening, as you can see, the creators quickly dealt with this little slip-up. So far I haven't had much time, in order to get acquainted with the content of the comic, therefore I cannot say whether I will reach for the next issue of the Hachette collection. However, you can be calm, if I like Thorgal's adventures, na pewno pojawi się wpis poświęcony the other numerowi.

Below, as always, an extensive gallery presenting all aspects of the release, I invite you!