Were there any serial killers before?

Were there any serial killers before?.

From hundreds, and even thousands of years in history serial killers pass. Such people most often suffer from mental disorders, which could have been caused by e.g.. in childhood ill-treatment or trauma. There are several profiles of serial killers, worth looking at.

A serial killer from the Batory family, from which one of the rulers of Poland was descended was Elizabeth Bathory. Do tej XVI – wiecznej władczyni Siedmiogrodu przylgnęło miano bloody countess. According to the sources who contributed to the condemnation of Elizabeth to many years of imprisonment, more than 650 people. In order to maintain eternal youth, the countess ordered to recruit beautiful and young women, which were murdered, a ich krew służyła Elżbiecie do kąpieli – uważano, that it will keep it beautiful, flawless complexion. Another killer, Jack the Ripper was a scarecrow in nineteenth - century London. He murdered poor prostitutes by cutting open their bellies and removing their internal organs, which made him known as a ripper. Pictures of the bodies of the Ripper's victims are terrifying to this day. The murderer has never been caught, and his identity is still in doubt today. It is also worth mentioning the Polish murderer of the interwar period, Nikifor Maruszeczko, who is credited with the murder of seven people. He committed the murders while intoxicated. He was sentenced to death, and the sentence was carried out 8 of August 1938 year.

Unfortunately, serial killers are still present today, although we have modern investigative methods that allow us to catch the perpetrators. However, there are still many unsolved murders, and their perpetrators are at large. We don't know their identities and we have no idea who they might be.