And finally, an iconic series. A lot of additional texts were created from its title, sayings and even advertisements. „Presbytery” …


Although they are still played and new episodes are still being made, have already obtained the status of "cult". They changed the viewer's perception of the series. They changed

Isaur's slave girl

It is impossible to forget about the series, which captured the imagination of many generations. Their nature changed television for a long time. Men and women modeled on the characters of the series. Quoted


Everyone loves series. It is a constant adventure, lasting for many seasons, in the company of our most liked characters. We can't tear ourselves away from the glass screen and we follow



However, the world hit in terms of medical production has become the cult "Er”. The author of the script for the American blockbuster was Michael Crichton himself, …

Doktor Kildare

This topic will never end. For unknown reasons, the viewer has always relished the sight of the actors' medical struggles, playing the role of surgeons or doctors of other specialization. Do

Lost – Lost


He is also among the hits of recent years, shot from 2004 Year, the famous series "Lost", or "Lost". It describes the mysterious fate of the survivors, who as a result …

Star Trek

Every boy, as well as any adult male, has her favorite series, with whom the heroes experience unexpected and extraordinary adventures.


In second …