We go!

Despite the many difficulties (but also many very positive circumstances), dzięki determinacji grupki bardzo zdecydowanych rodzin ruszamy z grupą unschoolingową.

The organization of the group in September will be as follows:

we occupy the ground floor of the house with the possibility of using the garden at Golikówka Street (around Mały Płaszów). We are in the center of Krakow once a week, our base is Kluboksięgarnia at ul. Berek Joselewicz.
The group will operate at a minimum 6 hours a day, we are striving to increase this time. For this purpose, we are looking for volunteers and people, who want to offer their time and skills in part-time employment. We also do what we can, to stretch our days.

Very important!

You can still join us, also on individual terms. We encourage you to contact us!

A very important encore!

From the moment we made a difficult decision to start with our group of unschoolers, we have become a larger community. Therefore, all decisions at this point are made in this group. Initiative group (association) he becomes the producer at this point, not a decision maker. We wanted to share it and praise it - because it's beautiful, and at the same time it is certainly useful knowledge for people interested in joining our activities.

Best regards, full of gratitude, hope and excitement.

Members of the Initiative Group