Spy is one of the best spy movies of recent years. Today I am pleased to present it in a limited steelbook. The edition is from England and has been published 30 January 2012 year, by StudioCanal studio.

There are two CDs inside: Blu-ray and DVD. Each of them has a film and special accessories. Unfortunately, the picture leaves much to be desired for me, especially, that it is a movie with 2011 year. Additional materials are just as bad. There are only a few short interviews on the album, a report from the English premiere or a few other minor materials.
I have put the exact list, as usual, further in the post and in the photo in the gallery.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this edition is the steelbook itself. On the cover we can see the main character's face composed of numbers and letters. The same procedure was used on the back of the edition. Such a system is known to fans of the movie, because it was also used in posters promoting the film. After all, it is a rather rarely used method of graphics, but you have to admit, that it looks effective and distinguishes the Spy from other editions. The inside keeps pace with the rest of the artwork, only half. On one page we have the code described above, and on the other - a close-up of the main character's face. In my opinion, a better solution would be to keep the whole midrange in one style. Best of course with the code used on the wraps.

Well, apart from all the disadvantages of this release and its poor additions, I am satisfied with my purchase, because I was able to buy this edition at a very attractive price. However, I am sorry to say, that it is not worth the regular price, and why you already know it very well. If you come across a good promotion somewhere, go ahead and buy, even for the steelbook itself, which looks great.

Additional Materials / Special Features:

1. Featurettes, 9 minutes.

2. Interviews, 24 minutes.

3. John le Carre Interview, 29 minutes.

4. Deleted Scenes, 5 minutes.

5. UK premiere Featurette, 4 minutes.

6. SKY movie Featurette, 20 minutes.

7. Photo gallery.

8. Trailers.

Basic information:

Title: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy / Spy

release date: 30 January 2012

Package: steel book

Number of plates: 2(BD + DVD)

Polish language version: NO

Carrier: Blu-ray

Region: UK

Region: B

Studio: StudioCanal

Duration: 127 minutes

My rating:

Video: 7/10
Audio: 8/10
Extras: 7/10
Package: 9/10
Average: 7,5/10